How to add Vehicles in DCC Fleet Management?

Posted By DCC

Oct 30, 2023 6 month(s) ago

To add your vehicles into DCC Fleet Management Add-on, you need to go to DCC Fleet Management - Fleet Management - Vehicle Master.

Once Vehicle Master window is opened you can enter all the required fields into it to add the vehicle successfully. As per the best practices it is advised to use Asset Id in very field i.e. Vehicle Id based on this Vehicle or Asset Id all the transactions will be linked. Description is used as Number Plate and Registration No field is used to capture registered number of the vehicle as per the registration card.

There are some important fields to note down here like choosing Vehicle Type i.e. Truck or Trailer. System allows you to add more options also for example if you have Forklift, JCB or any other machinery or vehicle type of add. Vehicle Group is also useful for reporting and filtering purpose therefore system allows you to create your own groups to link with the vehicle while adding. On top of this you can capture a lot more information like Manufacturer Name, Class, Model details, Series, Suspension Type, Chassis and Engine details, Owner details, Buying details, Fuel Ratio per KM with load or empty. You can also configure your vehicle's axle configuration along with the weight capacity of each axle to calculate the total weight carrying capacity of the vehicle.

In next topic we would know how to link licenses with the vehicle.

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