How to add/update licenses in DCC Fleet Management

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Oct 30, 2023 6 month(s) ago

How to add/update licenses in DCC Fleet Management?

Managing licenses of vehicles, drivers and equipment is very important in transport business. We have seen whereby some clients were not having control over it as when their licenses are expiring to be prepared to renew in advance before it affects vehicle's turnaround time. As sometimes due to lack of control/visibility it may cause vehicle/s to stand into the yard and waiting for the new licenses to come. In a country there are several types of licenses required for a vehicle to transport goods from one location to another or one country to another country therefore this is very crucial to manage the licenses and get them renewed before its expiry.

Using our Fleet Management solution this problem is completely manageable and easy to find vehicles license expiring in next 30 days or 15 days or so. Our system links license renewal team with accounts team like license renewal team can pick the vehicles those licenses are expiring within let's say 15 days or 30 days to request to accounts team to review and approve the expenses to pay from the system by posting outgoing payments. This makes everyone's life much easier and reduce manual paper approvals by providing digital approval and postings. We have seen in companies people maintain registers/notebooks or excels to maintain their licenses or insurances for renewals. But remember this is too much manual that one can skip or forget to renew timely therefore our system is very useful and completely replaces all these manual handling and managing of licenses and insurances.

Expense related to these license/insurance renewals are generally treated as indirect expenses therefore outgoing payment will use indirect/operating cost G/L accounts. Our solution also sends alerts / emails in advance upon expiry of license like 15 days in advance or 30 days in advance. You can configure this lead time day in the alerting setting. This way our system helps you to avoid any downtime or losses to the business due to license/insurance non-renewal on timely manner.

Another one of the biggest advantage of our system is: license expiry validation at the time of creating a Trip. At the time of creating a trip, system checks the total estimated days of the entire round trip and validate licenses accordingly. If any license is expiry within that time frame then system gives alert to the end-user or can completely block end-user not to create a trip until license is renewed. Such type of control and automation into the system avoids human errors.

To add/update licenses into DCC Fleet Management Add-on, you need to go to the Vehicle MasterĀ  Licenses tab to add/update license details. Also we have a bulk upload window whereby you can update/renew licenses in one go.

Hope this helps you to understand on how to manage vehicles licenses in our system.

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