B1 Cloud

Posted By DCC

Oct 30, 2023 6 month(s) ago

When your on-premise servers and infrastructure is outdated and in need of replacement, or you're facing the end of support or you are looking at agility, easy of access anyplace, anytime with worry free reliability/automated backups - the commercial benefits of going to the cloud might outweigh the cost of re-investing in new server infrastructure.

When customers choose Double Click as a partner of choice, switching from SAP Business One on-premise to SAP Business One on Cloud is straightforward, requires far less investment than implementing a new system, and is possible to complete within a matter of days.

Double Click offers Cloud services to all SAP Business One customers as well as provides cloud services to non-SAP workloads and provides the below features 

  • Modern, scalable and updated server infrastructure
  • On-site High Availability + 3rd Off-site back-up
  • High-level security
  • SLA based on agreed support
  • A choice of Microsoft SQL Server or SAP HANA databases
  • Highly scalable
  • Flexible payments for infrastructure
  • The ability to make use of your existing SAP Business One licenses or Software as a Service licenses
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