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Cloud Hosting Overview & Benefits

Cloud Hosting Overview & Benefits

Double Click Consulting Limited hosts its specialized custom dedicated hardware of Servers, Storage, Firewall on Germany's leading Data center space provider and they operate two data centers for dedicated servers and colocation services. The ultra-modern "green data" center in Munich was constructed and built by the provider DE in 2009 and has enough room for 4,000 servers.

The second data center in Nuremberg has been launched in 2014, and it offers space for another 10,000 dedicated servers. On both locations the office rooms are in the same building, only one level above the data floor.

Both data centers are state of the art, especially when it comes to operational safety and energy efficiency. The Provider invests large amounts in the maintenance and optimization of the entire data center infrastructure every year. This allows Double Click to to offer their customers a stable and thanks to low operational costs economical hosting platform.

Both data centers are located in different cities being several hundred kilometers apart from each other, and both are powered by different electricity suppliers (SWM and N-Ergie). Thus, your servers can be distributed to different locations without additional costs for you. Due to this geographical redundancy your services will stay online even if it comes to the highly unlikely case that one data center will be damaged by fire, water, or any other imaginable disaster.

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