SAP HANA- In-Memory Database

SAP HANA is the most innovative and advanced In-memory data platform that is designed to provide organizations a way to face changing demands. This revolutionary platform has the capability to accelerate the business processes with the features like real-time analytics, developing and deploying. SAP HANA is well-suited for real-time analytics and applications. Using this database, you can simplify the internal working of your business to reach out to the better business outcomes.

By making use of this cost-effective solution, you can get an access to your business data to transfer them in an interactive report for an accurate analysis.

DOUBLE CLICK is proud to deliver highly advanced SAP HANA platform for the businesses to let them access their data faster. We allow you to update the SAP Business One Solution of your organization by supporting the advanced analytic operation.

SAP HANA Solution Key Features

  • In-Memory Technology: Designed with an advanced computing technology, the SAP HANA is the best database platform that lets you manage the transactional and analytical data within no time. It provides you a seamless experience while exploring, analyzing and data processing.
  • Real-Time Analytics: SAP HANA is specialized in advanced analytics that helps the businesses gain real-time insights. The huge volumes of information from the entire organization are analyzed to enhance the data management.
  • Source-Agnostic Data Access: The SAP HANA allows you to access and index external data through the integration services.
  • Replication Services: It helps you to replicate the data from the SAP ERP for an easy access.
  • Drill Down Attributes: The SAP HANA’s drill down approach is the key way to quickly monitor the data. With this, you can have an in-depth understanding and analysis of the data/information.
  • Simplified Operations: SAP HANA provides a room for improvement by monitoring and managing the business processes. The Cockpit technology in HANA with the integration of HANA administration capabilities, ease the handling and execution of the business plan and data.
  • Forecasting Analytics: SAP HANA with the easy statistical analysis makes it easier to figure out the what-if analysis in order to take a right step to grow your business.
  • Multiengine Query Processing: With this tool, rational, graphical and text data is supported by SAP HANA within the same system.

Key Benefits of SAP HANA

  • SAP HANA is the best MS Excel based reporting tool that enables you to prepare accurate reports with the desired layout designing.
  • In-memory technology lets you transform the data into actionable insights.
  • Helps in the systematic execution of the business strategies.
  • Real-time Analytics for the big data eases the process of managing data of the entire organization.
  • With its intuitive and powerful dashboards, SAP HANA gives a power to businesses for real-time reporting and embedded analytics.
  • It is based on the core process accelerator feature to drive success to the business.
  • Cater all the analytical, reporting and data handling needs of the businesses to keep the systems run smoothly.
  • Take action at the moment due to the advanced analytical capabilities.
  • For better decision making, SAP HANA analyze the data on a quick note and provide the accurate results.
  • Effective and instant response to the questions to boost the productivity of the business.
  • Capability to perform text and predictive analyses on the data in bulk.
  • Delivers more business intelligence with the innovative and modernize tools.
  • Resolves multitude of problems related to data storage, forecasting, real-time alerting, analysis, and more.
  • SAP HANA provides legacy ERP modernization, customization, and integration services.


The SAP HANA is offering a great advantage not only as an appliance deployed on-site, however, on the cloud platform too. To let the businesses streamline their process by identifying, combining and managing the data from the multiple sources, SAP HANA Cloud Platform has been introduced by SAP as an open Platform-as-a-Service.

Advantages of the SAP Cloud Platform:

  • The embedded advanced analytics and reporting, are the powerful features that enable you to grow your business.
  • Using the SAP HANA Cloud capabilities, you can gain more revenues and transform the business outcomes.
  • SAP through the SAP HANA CLOUD is bringing powerful, real-time analytics and data processing tools to fulfill the business agility and detailed analysis needs.
  • The ultimate advantage of SAP Cloud solution is that the data in the different format and disparate systems can be integrated easily.
  • The robust predictive capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud help to unlock the business value. It is widely in use due to its mobility and analytical capabilities.
  • Creating actionable insights for your business becomes easier with the in-memory computing hi-tech solutions.
  • Data Visualization through the SAP HANA Cloud platform helps businesses to uncover the possibilities and opportunities to grow rapidly.
  • The SAP HANA Cloud platform delivers flexible and scalable results at unprecedented speed.


  • With the sheer-determination, updated technology, and qualified professionals, the DOUBLE CLICK is here. Our SAP HANA, with an optimizing operational intelligence, caters your business needs.
  • SAP HANA cloud platform by DOUBLE CLICK assures to provide embed advanced analytics, integration, IoT and Security services. We help the businesses save them from making up up-front capital investment.
  • DOUBLE CLICK is the promising firm that enables you to fully integrate your business with the SAP HANA's in-memory technology to streamline the data analyzing the process.
  • We help you to connect with our SAP consultant's who understands your end-to-end business needs to offer reliable SAP HANA solutions to gain maximum flexibility.
  • At DOUBLE CLICK, the list of our SAP HANA services includes Database services, Analytics Processing, Development, Deployment, Administration, Training, Migration and other support services that are designed to be best fitted with your business necessities.
  • Our SAP HANA business tools, solutions, and satisfactory support system, is provided 24/7 to help the businesses resolve their issues.