SAP B1 Analytics & Reporting

The topmost concern of the businesses over the years is to make their business stay innovative and ahead of the competition in the market. By adding the latest tools & technologies with a power to streamline the processes, one can enhance the value of the services being offered to the customers.

Undoubtedly, to keep the business running smoothly, it is imperative that you must have the tools to analyze the performance in terms of functionality and data management.

Quantifying company’s value cannot be easier without having proper analytics and reporting. When dealing with an excessive amount of data, you must manage and handle the data in a way to keep in line with the company’s value.

Implementing the process of Analytics & Reporting smoothes the functioning of the IT systems and helps to ingrain smart decision making. Here, are the potential benefits offered by Analytics & Reporting tools to the various industries:

  • Analytics and Reporting help the businesses extract their value by managing the big data.
  • It helps in improving the operational efficiency to drive revenues and success to your enterprise.
  • Using Analytics & Reporting, you can achieve the business-relevant outcomes.
  • A successful Analytics & Reporting strategies measure and track the financial performances.
  • With the data visualization techniques, it is easier to get the greater and faster insights of the business.

SAP Business One Analytics & Reporting

Under the SAP Business B1 Analytics & Reporting, here comes SAP Lumira & SAP Crystal Dashboard Design. These tools are designed for data visualization to simplify the way businesses analyze and handle a large amount of business data. Using SAP Lumira and Crystal Dashboard Design one can design beautiful maps, interactive charts and infographics. Moreover, it monitors the business performance for better results.

SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira is offering great advantages to the business users with its self-service data visualization techniques. When you want to bring life to your business data, then SAP Lumira is the great choice to reduce the chances of risk to your business data.

Add this to your business to analyze the business trends, for the great desktop experience. For the fastest and safest ways to get reliable business outcomes.


Advantages offered by SAP LUMIRA

  • It assures to speed up your data visualization process.
  • SAP Lumira has the power to alter your business data structures for the better results.
  • You can use SAP Lumira right away on your Desktop, Server or Cloud to visualize the data in an effective manner.
  • It goes beyond its standard capabilities and offers interactive storyboards to explore the possibilities of data for increased level security.
  • To make the business running smoothly, SAP Lumira allows the analysts to have a deeper insight of the business data to transform it.
  • Using this hi-tech solution, you can drag your business information in an easy manner from the business resources to get the best results out of them.
  • It is the best platform where one can save their maximum time and efforts to carry out their business tasks despite their complexity.
  • SAP Lumira empower the users by providing a self- service approach and access to keep a check on the data flow in the organization.

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design

Now you can design and get interactive dashboards with the most advanced and technological solutions. SAP Crystal Dashboard Design offers you a holistic view of your business data to drive success and profits. Being considered as the powerful data visualization software, it will help the enterprises to monitor their performance to be at the top in the future.

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design


  • It is best designed to provide a complete understanding of dashboard functionality.
  • Using the SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, you can easily create meaningful and impressive data presentations from spreadsheets.
  • It makes businesses get ready for the unforeseen conditions to stay ahead of the competition.
  • With its flexible design and customization options, SAP Crystal Dashboard design collects data from the different sources into a single dashboard to optimize the performance by transferring the corporate real-time data.
  • SAP Crystal Dashboard designs feature predictive modeling to enhance the business agility.

Foresee the SAP User Experience with SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori, one of the latest evolution designed for all the SAP Applications. The ultimate aim of bringing this software is to provide 300+role-based applications that can be used efficiently on the desktops, mobile and smart phones.

The user-centered design of the SAP Fiori feature: responsiveness, simplicity, and seamless experience. The SAP Fiori Apps and elements help the businesses gain a competitive edge by taking advantage of our services. Take a look:

Envision the SAP user experience with SAP Fiori
  • This fast and advanced SAP Fiori provides user-experience for SAP S/ 4 HANA.
  • It provides accurate and timely notifications to get a clear picture of the business details.
  • SAP Fiori with its advanced interface makes it easier and simpler for the users to take quick actions.
  • The best part of this software is, it is highly responsive to the actions of the users.
  • This can be used with all the devices to help you easily carry out your business processes.
  • With SAP Fiori, you can enjoy the benefits of Real-Time Data Monitoring.

Types of Apps in SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori, the most advanced set of cross-device applications is designed to make it easier for the users to start any process on the desktop, and can continue the same through their tablet and other devices. The SAP Fiori includes three types of applications such as:

  • Transactional Apps: It serves the purpose of performing SAP transactions on the mobile devices and desktop systems for easy navigation.
  • Fact Sheets: This SAP application helps in the easy access of the business related information. Using this, one can drill-down into the information to get the complete details of the project.
  • Analytical apps: This allows users to get real-time insight to streamline the business operations. The Analytical apps are the best solution to get your large business data analyzed.

SAP Fiori, the latest user-interface enable the users to manage their complex business tasks and operations. It offers a highly satisfying user experience.

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