IT Infrastructure Solutions

Organizations today have recognized that managing and protecting their data is the heart of their business. Firms generate more data today in a day than they previously created in a month. As data volume grows, new issues emerge. Performance. Security. Reliability. All of these concepts must be considered when supporting IT infrastructure.

It is more than just being able to recover data in the event of a catastrophic failure - it is now about how quickly you can recover, and how you can avoid failure in the first place.

Regulatory requirements about how data is protected, about where it is stored, and about who can access it now apply to virtually every single organization. The worst case scenario used to be not being able to recover in the event of failure, now it is what if data is recoverable - by someone with malicious intent.

DoubleClick's storage and backup services are designed to provide managed storage capacity and other cost-effective solutions to help increase your data availability and protect your critical information from accidental loss or destruction. Flexible backup and restoration services, expert technical assistance and managed storage capacity can help address the rapidly growing data volumes associated with your on demand business.

DoubleClick's Data Storage and Backup solutions provide customers with flexibility, performance, and peace of mind.

Storage Solutions

1Network Attached Storage

With the advent of file sharing, video, and limitless corporate data and increasing regulatory requirements around data security and retention has created the need for large amounts of Networked Attached Storage (NAS). NAS solutions are ideal for firms who utilize backup-to-disk, hold large amount of content, and who are concerned with data security and performance. DoubleClick’s NAS service includes a dedicated Network Attached Storage array and includes an option to have the array replicated to a secondary location for off-site data protection.DoubleClick provide
DoubleClick provides solutions from well-known OEM's like NetApp, HP and Nimble for NAS.

2Cloud Storage

Growth of storage into a scalable and high performance platform is one of the biggest challenges confronting IT today. DoubleClick’s Cloud Storage service provides customers with an enterprise-class Storage Area Network without any of the upfront hardware and software cost and reduces the amount of technical expertise required to deliver a reliable storage solution.

3Storage Area Network

Today's applications are very much resource intensive, due to the kind of requests that needs to be processed simultaneously per second. Take example of an e-commerce website, where thousands of people are making orders per second, and all needs to be stored properly in the database for later retrieval. The storage technology used to store such high traffic data bases must be fast in request serving and response(in short it should be fast in Input and Output).

In such cases(where you need high performance, and fast I/O ) we can use SAN.

SAN is nothing but a high speed network that makes connections between storage devices and servers.

DoubleClick provides solutions from well-known OEMs like NetApp, HP and Nimble for NAS.

4Direct Attached Storage

Some businesses simply cannot afford the costs associated with complex network storage solutions like Storage Area Networks (SAN). So they often resort to a less expensive, but shared, storage solution to take advantage of the advanced virtualization, database clustering and file clustering technologies that they are leveraging. Direct Attached Storage (DAS) is a dedicated solution that’s smart for these situations, offering an affordable alternative to SAN Storage that enables companies to fully exploit these advanced technologies.

With block storage, the ability to handle multiple hosts and higher I/O than local storage, our DAS solutions offer the power, performance and scale to power many of the most advanced virtualized and clustered environments. And with 96 drive bays and both direct attached and iSCSI networked versions available, you can confidently scale your solution from a handful of servers to a large server farm seamlessly as your business grows.

DoubleClick provides solutions from well-known OEM’s like NetApp, HP and Nimble for DAS.

Managed Data Backup Solutions

As firms transition to the knowledge-based economy, data backup has become a critical function of every IT organization. DoubleClick offers clients a suite of data backup solutions to meet a variety of needs and requirements.

1Cloud Backup

  • Online, encrypted offsite data backup
  • Includes all software agents & no additional hardware requirements
  • Capacity is delivered "on demand" with "pay as you grow" pricing model

2Tape-based Backup

  • Dedicated 8 or 16 tape autoloader device
  • Dedicated rack-optimized backup server
  • BackupExec software licenses for ten servers.
  • Additional licenses/capabilities available for additional one-time fee

3Backup to Disk

  • Solution is leveraged in combination with Network Attached Storage
  • Initial configuration based on Client requirements
  • Client can choose between 4, 8, or 12 Terabyte capacity

DoubleClick provides solutions from well-known OEMs like Symantec for Backup Solution.